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Health is the most important good in our lives

Welcome to the Homepage of the practice of naturopathy Albert H. Ruch.
Our long experience in the field of naturopathy allows us to advise and medicate you professionally. Decades of experience showed us that long lasting chronic diseases as well as smallest dysfunctions are hard to detect by conventional laboratory medicine, but may be identified when using our techniques.


Instructions for taking secretion liquids
Instructions for taking secretion liquids with Albert Ruch
Learn more about Ruch-energetics... secretion test!
Achieve an exact and reliable overview about the conditions of your body even faster with the new secretion test.... medicine of the future
Our methods of diagnostics may be applied successfully to your pet too - whether dogs, cats, horses or other species...'s sports medicine
Rise to new sportive heights and keep this level... Holmes der Krankheiten
Albert Ruch – Sherlock Holmes der Krankheiten
Austria: B.R.T. Ruch GmbH | Klagenfurter Straße 56 | 9220 Velden am Wörthersee | Tel. +43 (0) 664 - 73997978 |
Germany: Albert H. Ruch | Breitenstraße 20 | 36251 Bad Hersfeld | Tel. +49 (0) 6621 - 9666886 |