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Energy for life

For every discomfort there is at least one cause, but there may be also more reasons accumulating and exacerbating over the years.

By means of our therapy method based on the causes of the discomfort, also these illnesses and diseases may be treated. Our experience for years showed us, that it is necessary to eliminate chronic centres of inflammation and bacterial or viral interference fields to allow a holistic convalescence. Without that, the body is not able to get along with the challenges of everyday life, which may cause mental discomforts (e. g. burnout).

Especially centres of inflammations in teeth and ears very often don’t get discovered and so they spread pathogenic organisms continuously which stress the body all the time, inhibiting the complete recovery. With the aid of our technique we can also find these centres of inflammation in the above named areas of the body, and so we can give it back its natural vitality and fitness. We can also recover health quickly by analyzing the pathogenic organisms when the body is struck by acute diseases or illnesses (e. g. influenzal infection, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.). The important aspect is here: The faster we react, the more specific and the more effective we can treat our patient.

With the help of a treatment especially matching to your discomforts and diseases the self-healing powers of your body get activated to ignite the natural recovery process of your body. It regains the possibility to get along with illnesses and diseases all by itself and with some patience your discomforts will disappear time after time.


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Instructions for taking secretion liquids with Albert Ruch
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