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Holistic medicine for humen and animals

Applying our techniques, even smallest impairment, chronic centres of inflammation or interference fields caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi etc., may be identified and treated therapeutically. There will be generated a clear and detailed picture of your body’s conditions, including all important apparatus. Even the least problem areas can be found and their connection with the symptoms can be revealed. Every discomfort has got an origin and it may become more intensely in the course of time. By means of our healing method which focuses on the basis of the origins also all these discomforts may be healed (migraine, allergies, rheumatism, susceptibility to infections, etc.).

Decades of experience showed us, that our technique is able to find pathogenic causes even before they are ascertainable laboratory tests. That’s why our technique also focuses on maintaining health by means of prophylaxis. Viruses, mostly the causers of most severe courses of disease, often appear in combination with various pathogenic organisms, which complicates the healing in many cases. Especially as to very dominant agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, vermin, toxins,...) like borreliosis, hepatitis and other diseases which are difficult to cure, we have got the chance to heal quickly and effectively by means of novel secretion test.

Since it is our goal to enhance the therapy technique continuously, we now have the possibility to analyse your constitution with only one drop of blood (taken from your fingertip) and other body fluids. This new way of testing guarantees the exact identification of the origins which weaken or sicken your body. First of all as a patient you have the advantage of getting the results of your test within a very short time and it is guaranteed that you’ll already know the results of the test within short time and, if necessary, that you will be able to start your therapy earlier to recover health and fitness.


Instructions for taking secretion liquids
Instructions for taking secretion liquids with Albert Ruch
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