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Health is the absence of disease

When applying our technique, the skin resistance is measured on various acupuncture points on hands and feet. By dint of this measure dysfunctions and centres of inflammation are located.

Supported by a computer program we are able to find bacteria, viruses, fungi or toxins. A centre of inflammation is a pathogenic burden which does not cause immediate discomfort but has got a distant effect on other organs, influencing them in a negative way. From this circumstance the conclusion follows, that the origin lies only seldom in the point of the body, where the patient feels his physical complaints. There can be found more than one of these discomforts quite often, but only the interaction of all of these “toxic doses” leads to an illness or a disease. It is very common to find centres of inflammation (especially inflammations of the teeth) in patients who feel weak or who suffer from chronic illnesses.

By means of our measure we find out insightful information about the following organs and zones of the body:

Coronary circulation Immune system
Small and large intestine Allergic discomforts
Liver and kidneys Lymphatic system
Thyroid gland Nervous system
Gall bladder and bile ducts Connective tissue, joints and bones
Prostate gland   Stomach
Spleen Hormones
Pancreas  Bladder
The system of jaw and teeth  Ear, nose and throat
Lung Skin


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Instructions for taking secretion liquids with Albert Ruch
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