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Medium ZenOm about his experience with Albert Ruch

My feedback on the treatment by Albert Ruch!

You order the test via the website- simply click on Contact, leave your name and address and within two or three days you get a test tube. 

You also get detailed instructions how to proceed. It is really very very simple.

They you send back the tubes sealed in an envelope and again two or three days later you receive the results!

And the results truly blew me away! In fact, all the issues, whether viruses or bacteria of my past were listed there and obviously not yet completely healed.

Without going into detail, I must say: AMAZING!!!

In addition, I was sent a vial with my individual drops!

You start with one drop in a glass of water! I thought to myself “And one drop is supposed to make a difference? Right...”. Well, it does. After the first glass my body started unlocking processes!

You receive detailed instructions on the administration of the drops as well.

Usually, I am not one of the recommending types, because I believe that every person can find what suits or helps them best. But in this case I would recommend everyone to make this secretion test. It won’t cost you anything if nothing useful comes out.

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Root canals

The many years of experience of alternative practitioner Albert H. Ruch shows that the tooth area is the most important part in a holistic approach to the human body. Today, we know that centers of interference in the tooth and jaw area have nothing to do with toothache in the traditional sense. These so-called "silent" foci cause no pain or discomfort, but are closely related to the entire organ system. Because of this interaction, we can draw conclusions as to whether causal relationships exist or not. After our personalized treatment, the chronic symptoms usually disappear on their own. Unfortunately, with today's X-ray and 3D X-ray technology, it is still not possible to detect "silent" dental foci. If these remain unrecognized, it can lead to very serious, mostly chronic diseases.


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Many chronic diseases, perhaps most, are the result of a root canal treatment. Endodontic treatment of teeth always adversely affects our immune system.

Root canal treatments are performed to save a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. Such treatment is usually applied when a severe infection has spread to the tooth roots. The root canal is a canal that runs from the center of the tooth to the roots that lie in the jawbone. During root canal treatment, a hole is drilled into the tooth to make an access cavity to the root canal. The dead or infected tissue is removed, the root canal is cleaned, sterilized and disinfected. Then the tooth is filled and the whole is usually sealed with the crown.

After a root canal treatment there is no pain - this is called a "silent dental focus" – while X-ray and 3D X-ray shows that the tooth is "healed". Unfortunately, there is a problem here. It is impossible to remove all dead tissue or to completely sterilize the tooth, considering that there are about five kilometres of tiny tubules in each tooth. Thus, areas with dead tissue remain in the tooth, which decays and can be infected.

The white blood cells of our immune system do not migrate into this canaliculi, they can also not be reached by antibiotics. The tubules are thus safe retreats for microbes (viruses, fungi, bacteria, yeasts and moulds, etc.). And since nerves, blood vessels and living tissue have been removed from the tooth, it is now dead. Within this dead tooth are bacteria and these bacteria get no oxygen. In this oxygen-free environment, most things die, except the bacteria. They go through something called pleomorphic transformation - something like a mutation. They learn how to survive without oxygen and now produce thioether, one of the most potent toxic substances on this planet that is not radioactive. (

Remember, microbes play a role in many chronic diseases. In order to restore a person’s quality of life it is necessary to kill the microbes in the entire body, so that the immune system can restore the body to its normal state. But a root canal is the ideal breeding ground for microbes. Thioether is so toxic because it is liposoluble and therefore accumulates in the cell fats, especially in the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the "power plants" of the cells and responsible for energy production. When the mitochondria are affected, the cells can no longer produce energy through aerobic respiration and are forced to switch to fermentation (anaerobic respiration) to generate energy. (All cancer cells gain their energy through fermentation !!)

Pleomorphic microbes which sit in the root canals are initially normal aerobic bacteria, which then turn into anaerobic bacteria and produce toxins such as thioethers when they become trapped in the tooth and their environment changes. This thioether enters the rest of the body and damages the mitochondria in our cells, rendering them anaerobic. This is a vicious circle starting in the root canal! These anaerobic microbes, which thrive in the root canal, secrete toxins from the digestion of dead tissue, which then leads to chronic infections and degenerative diseases.

Thus, many degenerative diseases are accompanied by bacterial and viral infections. These infections in turn originate from the teeth.

Think about it!
When an organ or limb of our body dies, we remove it. Not so with a dead tooth! If a root-treated tooth is removed with the right methods, health issues such as arthritis, rheumatism, kidney problems, heart conditions etc. can be remedied. 

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In 80% of all long-term migraine sufferers, the causes lie in the tooth and jaw area. Fewest physicians investigate and recognize the possible causes of migraines in the human dental area. An afflicted tooth is not limited to itself, but always in conjunction with the associated internal organs.

Centers of interference in the tooth and jaw area are referred to as “silent dental foci” which can trigger chronic headaches or migraines via the nervous and energy system.

These mostly asymptomatic tooth and jaw infections affect the health of the patient in many ways.

Residual osteitis (when a tooth was extracted but the jawbone has not healed properly) or root canal treated teeth that cause no pain, where radiography shows nothing abnormal, are diagnosed in dental medicine as completely healthy.

These inflammatory dental foci often develop covertly. Viruses and bacteria can enter the teeth from the oral cavity through loose fillings, or they remain in the root canal and jawbone after root canal treatment or root resection.

Viruses and bacteria from the dental foci also affect the nervous system, the psyche and the hormone balance, due to which these areas can be weakened.

These "silent" inflammatory foci, caused by viruses and bacteria in the jaw area, affect the sinuses, ears (tinnitus)cc, temporomandibular joints, lymph vessels (tonsils), glands, in some instances also bronchial tubes as well as the nerve tracts in the head, cervical spine and lumbar spine.

Viruses and bacteria are also distributed through bloodstream and saliva into the abdomen and gastrointestinal tract.

This is why in many cases food intolerance occurs, often affecting children and adolescents, which again very often can trigger migraines. In many cases, suppurative tonsilitis in children and adolescents caused by viruses and bacteria can trigger migraine.

Today, conventional medicine uses only migraines and pain relievers to relieve chronic migraine symptoms. In this way nothing will change in the next 20 years. It is therefore time to start rethinking.

Many migraine clinics, when treating patients with chronic headaches such as migraines, focus on a change in diet, recommend yoga, massages, homeopathy, use Schuessler salts and talk therapies. Unfortunately, after the hospital stay only a twenty percent reduction in migraine complaints can be expected.

With a good cooperation with holistic dentists in conjunction with our secretion tests to detect and eliminate the "still dental foci" and viruses and bacteria, the odds to lead a life free of complaints again are very high. 

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Borreliosis (Lyme disease)

Borreliosis/Lyme disease is transmitted by the bite of infected ticks.

Since ticks and insects affect not only humans, but also other warm-blooded creatures, it must be expected that also game meat and poultry products can be infected with Lyme disease and thus be transferred by the food intake to humans.

Half of the patients infected with Borrelia don't remember being bitten by a tick.

Skin redness (erythema) after a tick bite develops only in about 40% of the diagnosed cases. Thus, 60% of cases lack an important recognizable warning sign of the Lyme disease.

The blood tests at stage 1 are positive only in 30% of the cases.

At stages 2 and 3, Borrelia are rarely found in the cerebrospinal fluid. The severity of the Lyme disease depends on the state of the immune system.

To help people suffering from joint problems who have not yet been diagnosed with 100% confirmed Lyme disease in a faster and more efficient way, Mr. Albert H. Ruch has developed a procedure that includes secretion testing (measurement) of body fluids in order to detect and eliminate the causes of diseases such as Lyme disease more quickly.

Since ticks are not only infected with Borrelia, but with many other pathogens, 90% of all illnesses are always associated with coxsackie viruses. The viruses remain active in the body, so the Lyme disease always recurs in waves. That is why an antibiotic or penicillin treatment is not very effective.

Where conventional laboratory findings are not suggestive of Borrelia infection, this unique method of measurement, the secretion test, can detect even the smallest dysfunctions in the body caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

After the analysis of the secretions, a personalized treatment plan is created for each individual. Full recovery is then possible.

This method enables us to achieve great success in the treatment of the Lyme disease, where so far no other therapy has had durable effects.

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Veterinary medicine of the future

Our methods of diagnostics may be applied successfully to your pet too - whether dogs, cats, horses or other species…

...By means of the novel secretion test we are also able to help your pets and animals with all problems concerning health. How does the method work with animals? Just like human, every animal may have discomforts and physical symptoms caused by infections and long lasting chronic diseases. The cause of the illness may be found just the way it may be found with human and the natural vitality and health may be regained with the help of our therapy methods adapted to the animal and its needs. Our experiences have shown us until today, that the discomforts of animals (chronic inflammations, allergies, joint and muscular pain, digestive problems etc.), caused by virus, bacteria, fungi and much more, behave the same way to human discomforts. These dysfunctions may affect the performance and the behaviour of animals negatively (e.g. a decrease of performance noticed at show and sport horses).

Especially regarding horses, we know from medical information that nearly 50% of all slaughtered horses show tumours of pituitary and adrenal glands. A percentage of 60% of all show and sports horses as well as 90% of all galloppers active in horse racing have got stomach ulcers! However the horse does not have only a physical body, but it has got a vital energy system as well. According to the traditional eastern medicine this system consists of a meridian system and a chakra system. Permanent load or traumatic experiences leave their marks - they weaken the animal just like they do with human beings and offer points of attack for problematic pathogenic agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, vermin,...) or toxins. So it is no wonder that horses suffer from chronic discomforts, nervousness, physical and psychological blockades.

All these problems may be treated with our techniques. Body and vitality may be balanced individually and so one can expect much less problems regarding sensitivity to diseases and injuries. Speaking from our experience, one can reckon with a performance enhanced up to 25%. In case you are interested in our treatment methods, feel free to contact our specialised staff!

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Tomorrow's sports Medicine

Rise to new sportive heights and keep this level…

...Not just for competitive athletes, but also for hobby athletes who want to reach their body's maximum, it is essential to be as fit as a fiddle physically and mentally. With the help of our health check in terms of our secretion test we can lay the corner stone to the increase of your fitness and toughness. Our especially developed method, which we see the body as a whole with, makes you rise to physical and mental heights.

Inter alia, we have been caring for first league soccer players increasing their performance and at the same time minimizing their risk of injury. Also here we look for viruses, bacteria, fungi vermin or toxins reducing performance. These negative influences on the body may cause raised risks of injury, but they may also be the reason for a lowered capacity of regeneration which inevitably leads to being over-trained and/or overstressed (burnout). The aim of our functional medicine is avoiding the above named consequences as well as the fact that acute symptoms becoming chronic and the prophylaxis of possible illnesses by finding their real causes.

The secretion test gets carried out once a month. Also the psychological constitution is part of the examination. In case you are interested in our treatment methods, feel free to contact our specialised staff!

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Chernobyl impact

Danger – risk – residues – toxin – discharges are still present.

In the reactor accident at Chernobyl in April 1986 large amounts of radiation were sent into the atmosphere.

Through rain clouds the radioactive substances also precipitated onto German and Austrian territory. To this date, the radiation exposure of the soil has only halved.

The effects of such a condition related to health disorders, as well as increased cancer risk, rising cancer rate, should not be underestimated.

Where conventional laboratory testing fails to show evidence of Chernobyl pollution, Mr. Albert H. Ruch (alternative practitioner in Germany) succeeds in detecting even the finest traces of Chernobyl pollution by using secretion tests.

This unique measuring method (secretion test) has been developed by Albert H. Ruch over years and with this method even minor dysfunctions, caused by toxins, such as the ones released in the Chernobyl accident, but also viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites in the body can be detected and eliminated.

After the analysis of the secretion test, a personalized treatment plan is created for each individual in order to eliminate Chernobyl residuals or other toxins, including viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites from the body. It is our concern to elucidate the possibility to detect and eliminate such toxins by using our method and to make the body free from Chernobyl contamination effects.

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Instructions for taking secretion liquids
Instructions for taking secretion liquids with Albert Ruch
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Our methods of diagnostics may be applied successfully to your pet too - whether dogs, cats, horses or other species...'s sports medicine
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