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Instructions for taking secretion liquids

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Interview with Albert Ruch

Working in the field of energy-medicine you went through a long education and look back on 30 years of working with this method. How do you define the term "Future Medicine" and can you explain your method?

By evaluating body fluids (blood from the fingertip, saliva, swab from ear and nose, tiny specimens of urine and stool) we get a complete status picture of our clients health. It is more precise than conventional lab test as it also shows everything that is associated with the findings.

Which causes/diseases are addressed with your method?

We address chronic heart/circulation diseases, chronic GI-diseases, bladder and abdomen problems, rheumatic diseases, allergies, migraine headaches, muscle and joint pain, high blood pressure, chronic inflammations, lime disease or hidden gum or tooth problems. After asessment of the cause we offer a complete cure that enforces self healing.

Symptom and cause - what are the correlations?

Let's first define what we call disease. What's generally called disease is is not really a disease, but a description of the symptom. Let's look at headaches. The cause in most cases is not the head itself, cause can can be a bad tooth, mucles spasm, eye problems ..thats only three of more than two-hundred possible  causes. Muscle and joint pain for instance can be caused by borreliosis or chronic inflammations (foci)  in the dental area - to name only two. If we dig down deeper we find virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites or toxins that are the real culprits for the "disease".

You seem to focus on the dental area - what's so important there?

In the many years I work with my method, I came to learn to look at the body in a holistic way and I found out that the the dental area is the most important part of all. Nowadays we know that disturbance fields in the gum area have nothing to do with presence or absence of toothache. The silent foci mostly  go unnoticed. They cause no pain or direct discomfort but they are connected to our organ systems. Based on the interaction with the body systems we can determine the cause of ailments. With our patented protocol the  chronic discomfort disappears by itself. Up to date it is still not possible yet - not even with 3D- x-rays - to detect silent foci in the gum area. Undetected they can lead to a lot of severe and chronical diseases.

When should we apply this method?

It is highly recommanded as prevention, because  elimination of foci, virus, bacteria, fungus and toxins means that nothing bad can develop. That is up to everybodys discretion. Undetected causes of ailments are  a "time-bomb" in everyones body. By means of our  analysis and protocol the body is enabled to re-store health.

You state that your method is compatible to conventional and alternative medicine. Could you explain that?

My clients should decide for themselves which way they want to go. My method helps people in general  and does not aquire a certain medical approach. Target is to re-gain quality of life.

Is there an age limit when people want to take your services?

There is no limit. My youngest client was some weeks old my oldest clients are about 90 years old. We do not take blood from small children. We take saliva, earwax, urin and stool specs for testing and have good results.

What do you ask for the future?

I would like to cooperate with more doctors, dentists and therapists to reach out and help more people.

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The secretion test!

Achieve an exact and reliable overview about the conditions of your body even faster with the secretion test....

News_-_Blood...Since it is our aim to improve our therapy and treatment methods continuously, we now have the possibility to achieve an analysis of your body's constitution even faster and more efficiently by means of the diagnosis of a drop of blood (from your fingertip or your earlap). This new secretion test makes sure to be able to determine exactly all the causes weakening or sickening your body.
Especially you as a patient have the advantage of not having to travel all the way to one of our practices again for your results because they are available within very short time. So it is given you are informed about your health constitution faster, which makes it possible to start sooner with the therapy where necessary to regain your health and stamina.

With the help of our technique we can also recognize chronic centres of inflammation (e.g. teeth and ears) and so we can hand back the natural vitality and fitness to the body.

We also have the possibility to test various bodily fluids (e.g. saliva, stool, etc.) to find the cause of the dysfunction even faster when handling special problems. In this case we ask you to preliminarily talk that over with our specialised staff to be able to help you with specific advice.

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Veterinary medicine of the future

Our methods of diagnostics may be applied successfully to your pet too - whether dogs, cats, horses or other species...

News_-_Tiermedizin...By means of the novel secretion test we are also able to help your pets and animals with all problems concerning health. How does the method work with animals? Just like human, every animal may have discomforts and physical symptoms caused by infections and long lasting chronic diseases. The cause of the illness may be found just the way it may be found with human and the natural vitality and health may be regained with the help of our therapy methods adapted to the animal and its needs. Our experiences have shown us until today, that the discomforts of animals (chronic inflammations, allergies, joint and muscular pain, digestive problems etc.), caused by virus, bacteria, fungi and much more, behave the same way to human discomforts. These dysfunctions may affect the performance and the behaviour of animals negatively (e.g. a decrease of performance noticed at show and sport horses).

Especially regarding horses, we know from medical information that nearly 50% of all slaughtered horses show tumours of pituitary and adrenal glands. A percentage of 60% of all show and sports horses as well as 90% of all galloppers active in horse racing have got stomach ulcers! However the horse does not have only a physical body, but it has got a vital energy system as well. According to the traditional eastern medicine this system consists of a meridian system and a chakra system. Permanent load or traumatic experiences leave their marks - they weaken the animal just like they do with human beings and offer points of attack for problematic pathogenic agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, vermin,...) or toxins. So it is no wonder that horses suffer from chronic discomforts, nervousness, physical and psychological blockades.


All these problems may be treated with our techniques. Body and vitality may be balanced individually and so one can expect much less problems regarding sensitivity to diseases and injuries. Speaking from our experience, one can reckon with a performance enhanced up to 25%. In case you are interested in our treatment methods, feel free to contact our specialised staff!

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Tomorrow's sports medicine

Rise to new sportive heights and keep this level...

...Not just for competitive athletes, but also for hobby athletes who want to reach their body's maximum, it is essential to be as fit as a fiddle physically and mentally. With the help of our health check in terms of our secretion test we can lay the corner stone to the increase of your fitness and toughness. Our especially developed method, which we see the body as a whole with, makes you rise to physical and mental heights.


Inter alia, we have been caring for first league soccer players increasing their performance and at the same time minimizing their risk of injury. Also here we look for viruses, bacteria, fungi vermin or toxins reducing performance. These negative influences on the body may cause raised risks of injury, but they may also be the reason for a lowered capacity of regeneration which inevitably leads to being over-trained and/or overstressed (burnout). The aim of our functional medicine is avoiding the above named consequences as well as the fact that acute symptoms becoming chronic and the prophylaxis of possible illnesses by finding their real causes.

The secretion test gets carried out once a month. Also the psychological constitution is part of the examination. In case you are interested in our treatment methods, feel free to contact our specialised staff!

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Sherlock Holmes der Krankheiten

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Instructions for taking secretion liquids
Instructions for taking secretion liquids with Albert Ruch
Learn more about Ruch-energetics... secretion test!
Achieve an exact and reliable overview about the conditions of your body even faster with the new secretion test.... medicine of the future
Our methods of diagnostics may be applied successfully to your pet too - whether dogs, cats, horses or other species...'s sports medicine
Rise to new sportive heights and keep this level... Holmes der Krankheiten
Albert Ruch – Sherlock Holmes der Krankheiten
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